How to Remove Programs that Run During Start-up

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Remove programs that run during startup. 4 steps, Easy

Concept: Some programs automatically run from startup and runs forever until you shut down your PC. They can make your PC a lot slower, especially Anti-virus apps that scan every startup even though we don't need them yet. To prevent it, we can remove remove them from the
"startup list".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all programs can be removed from the list permanently, because they can put themselves in the list again after you run them. However, most can be removed. Be careful not to remove necessary programs, because they are important. Some are just spware, so you can just remove them.

Step 1: In the run command, run "msconfig". That is the system configuration utility, which we will use.
Step 2: Click the Startup tab. In the list, you can uncheck the boxes that you want to remove from startup. To be sure, you can check the location. Most programs from the program files folders are useless, like updaters. When you're done, press OK.
Step 3: When you press OK, a dialog box will open, asking if you will restart now, or later. You can choose either. But you must restart your computer.
Step 4: When you have restarted, a dialog box will open again. Check the check box, then click OK.